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    Name: Majere(mah-ZHAIR) Dreavan

Race: Silverling A dead (almost) race of silver skinned creatures. Un-Aging after reaching the adulthood as long as they abide by a ritual feeding.(the ritual isn't necessary, but tradition requires it)

Gender: Male

Age:23 in appearance. 1137 Actually. Most of that spent in seclusion, resurfacing every 250 years to feed.

Appearance: He stands at 5'6, weighing approximately 150 lbs. His build is well rounded with a slight bit of chub in the stomach area. He has naturally hard and sharp claws from being silverling. His hair is a light blue green. He wears it shoulder length and straight as a board. His face is nearly symmetrical except the permanent damage of having his nose broken a few times and the countless scars. He's usually wearing Blue and green dyed leather armor. Its simple with no real decoration except that its very strappy around the midsection and on his joints. Instead of boots he just uses a harder leather wrap about his feet, isolating his big toe since he likes to grab things with his feet. His eye color changes according to his mood, the sclera changing color to match his overall mood for the day, His iris changing according to the more fleeting moods. Over his Armor he Sometimes keeps a heavy, all concealing, Blue robe with golden swirls.

Job: Ex-assassin - Current wanderer(loose Cannon)

History: He was born under the rare phenomenon where all three moons were absent from the night sky, So he was abducted from the royal family to be trained as an assassin. This is one of the many ridiculous traditions of Silverling culture. His training would begin at the age of 2, Starting light for the first couple of years. After that The brutal spartan like training began, molding him into a tough but agile Man who could hold his own in a face to face fight as well as he could stay invisible. He was sent back to his family at the age of 17 to finish out his life with people he didn't even know.

He immediately had to start schooling heavily in order to completely take his father's place as king, when and if the king died. He had to double up his schooling to make up for lost time. His father cursing the day he was born simply because of the mild inconvenience of 17 years out of a millennium. For the next 10 years he didn't sleep more than 30 minutes a night, between the double schooling hours and making time to keep his roguish physique up. By the end of the 10 years, The fatigue had finally caught up to him and he had to go into a deep slumber to recover. With his schooling done and no apparent opponents to his fathers rule, He slept for the next 3 days.

When he awoke, he started to get around his people and try to learn about them. The more he learned about the rich silver people he had to associate with and the nobles. The more he hated them all. After months of walking with them and getting to know several of them against his will, he learned that his father was the root of their lavish and overindulgent lives. He started watching his father more closely and realized that The royal coffers stayed empty, for as soon as the king had made money, He whipped to the human territory to purchase the latest ridiculous fad. He watched this go on for a little under 50 years before deciding to something about it. In pure Silverling manner, he assassinated his father on his 1,025th birthday. This being the norm in Silverling Society, Majere became king.

In just 12 short days, The underground castle and Lavish royal home estate was reduce to just one moderately decorated castle. The pure gold and jeweled throne was sold and replaced with simple wood. He reduced taxes on his people, Lifted a bunch of laws that only worked to make the royal family richer, Released prisoners who were convicted of those crimes. At first he was seen as a God among them and was worshiped in that way. He takes serious offence to this, knowing himself to be nothing more than they are, he slays several of the people perpetuating the worship. The people get the hint and begin to leave him alone to rule them. This satisfies him and he begins to ingrain himself in to their lives again and try to learn how much he actually changed by giving them a positive role model. He's appalled, They not only continued in their hedonist ways, they've increased them exponentially, since he wasn't taxing them as hard. He felt his people were weak and unready if disaster struck.

Since his people had utmost trust in him, and he despised them all. He completely banned the practice that kept them immortal, The now idiotic populace thought it was merely tradition, and praised Majere for granting them a new freedom from the horrid past. Majere grinned darkly every day for the next 250 years, the bare maximum time allotted to perform the feeding with out dying. During his 250 year reign, He never had to worry about being assassinated. His continued tax cuts and feigned generosity kept the masses happy while he slowly killed them all. Upon the last day, as the now broken mind of a man who methodically murdered thousands of people delighted in the swan songs of his 'noble' people. Majere new the few chosen to be assassins by the moonless night were still very much alive. They alone were taught the actual reason for the feeding and he wouldn't persuade them different, not that he wanted to. He respected his fellows.

He went on from the empty underground kingdom to become a traveler, Staying concealed in the aforementioned robe. As he traveled from place to place on the world of Requious, he made very few friends. A god like chap named Shogran, and a Psychotic slayer of men named Kiahra, who delighted in calling herself 'Dark Angel'. He didn't find it funny but she was good company. He would make money by selling his skills as both an assassin and mediator. He found he enjoyed this life much better than ruling a kingdom, but he could never again find the joy he did the day he caused his species to die out.

He took to murdering and feeding sentient life more often than the ritual described, And he found it exhilarating. The bone chilling screams as he dined every week made him feel alive, And he found out that doing it more often made his water affinity more powerful. He began to notice when he wasn't paying attention, He'd fall into a small puddle and appear somewhere else, Always adjacent to water. It was when he started to pay closer attention to what was going on that he realized he was suddenly aware of all water within a few hundred yards of him, and that he could travel through a simple droplet and come from another some eighty yards away. It had a distance limit that he tested constantly, but it remained about eighty yards. He also was upset to learn that fire and sources of heat made him very uncomfortable, and he enjoyed winter and snow more than summer and the sun.

After some time he realized that feeding wasn't quite filling the hole he had left, and decided that maybe it wasn't the killing that he missed to so much as company, even company he hated. He went back to hanging with his two strange friends and took residence with Shogran's family, known as The Sisters. From then till now he's been living peacefully, Feeding on sentience only every other weekend. He still trades his Assassin skills, but tries to stick to 'good' causes instead of just any.

Personality: Having killed off most of his entire race, And then being almost the only one left, he's a good bit broken. Most the time He's calm and collected, doing the norm. On occasion he goes completely off his rocker and destroys some small object or village. Then he'll become extremely remorseful. The smaller the destruction, the heavier the remorse. He cries randomly and people generally see him as a loose cannon, never really knowing what to expect from him. He's easy to get along with if you catch him when he's not trying to murder, maim, and massacre.

Weakness: He's unusually weak to fire and other sources of heat. Catching him is the hardest part of killing him, as he can bleed out from a wound or be beheaded. His vital organs are relatively durable, being able to take a shot in one and not die if he seeks help. He can survive up to 30 seconds with out blood pumping through his body. Just long enough to Get healed by a divine force or curse at the person killing him. He has to breath, So being in a place without air or water would be pretty fatal after a minute or two.

Weapons: He usually carries around a single edged black titanium dagger. It has a scimitar like shape but only about 19" long in total. Apart from that he tends to fight with his hands. Having natural claws that are pretty formidable if he's left with out a weapon. Though is most powerful weapon is mind, being able to think quickly and escape should things go south for him.

Abilities: He's very strongly affiliated with water, to the point of being able to Utilize a small bit of water magic naturally. He also has the aforementioned ability to travel 80 yards from one spot of water to the next. Silverlings naturally have the ability to survive underwater for long amounts of time, and a natural resistance to extreme cold. In fact they enjoy it thoroughly. Though his eyes changing color is a neat trick, the real ability is the low light vision trained into him by the master assassins of his order.

Deities worshipped:Agnostic


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